Our company is an organization based in Türkiye.

Our aim; To ensure the profitability of our producers and partners by increasing efficiency and quality in agricultural production by using new technology and accurate information in agriculture. We aim to serve our agricultural stakeholders with our trained and experienced team, using the most up-to-date methods of science and technology.

As the Proffarm family, we share our 9 years of seed growing experience with the important companies of the world seed industry; We produce high quality, disease-free seeds with high genetic purity and germination ability.

We provide all the resources necessary to achieve the highest level of operational competence and quality.


  • Hybrid sunflower, corn and canola raw seed production
  • Pre-clean seed production of hybrid sunflower, corn and canola
  • Hybrid sunflower, corn and canola end product seed production
  • Registration and certification services of new hybrid systems emerging from Islahtan
  • Promotion of Sunflower, Corn and Canola Plants Fair in Türkiye
  • Planting and monitoring R&D trials
  • Contract Manufacturing Vegetable and Fruit Production and Wholesale


Happy with its employees and partners, improving and producing strategic products with high added value, sharing its products with its partners, quickly adapting to the conditions of the day, making strategic investments for the future by foreseeing measurable risks, being the most successful company in the geography including the Middle East, the Balkans, CIS and Central Asia. To be a strong seed company.


To be a seed company that believes that production is abundance, aims to achieve the highest quality at the most affordable cost in its production, invests in both human resources and technology with the awareness that the seed sector has strategic importance for our country, and always provides the highest service and the best product to its customers.